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Unleash Your Magic

Posted on April 04 2016


Here's something we want to be sure our TNEMNRODA girls know: you have an inherent magic within you. It's your right to let that shine and touch everyone you come in contact.

It's not enough to possess this special essence of influence but most important to wield it gracefully and with love. 

Tips for unleashing your magic: 

  1. Smile...for no reason and at strangers. Don't cheese like a crazy, but a little close mouth, split second smile when you make eye contact with a stranger is worth a million. (Tip: You don't even have to wait for them to smile back. Just look away at the normal eye contact break moment) 
  2. Give compliments. You're fly--encourage it around you by acknowledging it when you see it! 
  3. Don't gossip. We love a good cup of tea too, but ill talk of others dims your light. 



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