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FINDING YOU: A Survey of Self

Posted on November 16 2016

Discover your passion(s) and your purpose will be revealed.

For my talk at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology's BRAG association, I created a one sheet "survey of self" I call it.

It features questions that you should ask yourself to uncover things you probably haven't thought about. It's such a great resource to revisit time and time again, that I wanted to share it with everyone in my life! 

"Why would you want to be your friend?" We so easily see our flaws but what are our diamond points...who are we BEING in this world.

"How do you think people see you? Do you like this perception or do you want to change it?" ...

It's a pretty cool analysis of self,  if I say so myself. You deserve to know you better than you know anyone else in this world. Live boldly as who you are, who you CHOOSE to be!   



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