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TNEMNRODA WOMAN: Singer and Political Activist, Shyvonne Sanganoo

Posted on May 25 2017

Shyvonne wears the Diana sunnies above. 

Shyvonne Sanganoo known to you as @shyyvonne has been a Tnemnroda Woman before it was a hashtag! 

She changes her hair color more than NYC weather but that spontaneity is not a testament to her strength and integrity. She empowered us with girl power, vibey anthems like "Damn" and "Miroir." And then put our social consciousness into song with "Would You."  See her full interview with Daily news here. 

Songstress, political advocate and educator, of course she'd be a Tnemnroda woman too!

Shyvonne in Bali. 

When she's not touring with her music or living her best life around the world, she's working with kids in NYC schools. 

"I teach global history through hip hop & music with Fresh Prep and also am the instructional coordinator for ChangeMKRS which is NYC after school programming rooted in social justice."

For more on Shyvonne's political influence check out the NY Daily News article which also features the full length video of her political protest song, Would You," produced by Robert Lux. See the lyrics below to sing along ✨

Pre Chorus 

Who are you

What will you do 

Or will you stay quiet 

Cover your eyes

Swallow your tears

Ignore the violence 


 it was you, ur father, or ur brother, your sister or ur mother, could you let it go? X2

Shyvonne is wearing the Goal Digger sunnies. I'm sitting next to her in the Unity Sunnies at the New York City Edition of The Unity In Color Movement 

BONUS: Follow Shyvonne's sound cloud for a listen into her amazing taste is riddims 


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